RUNNERS READING STRATEGY – business strategies – national security strategy 2010.

Runners Reading Strategy

    reading strategy

  • (Reading strategies) Methods used in reading to determine the meaning of a text. Examples are: rereading; substituting an appropriate familiar word for an unfamiliar one; using root words to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words; using background knowledge to determine meaning; using


  • A horse that runs in a particular race
  • (runner) a person who is employed to deliver messages or documents; “he sent a runner over with the contract”
  • (runner) smuggler: someone who imports or exports without paying duties
  • A person who runs competitively as a sport or hobby
  • A person who runs, esp. in a specified way
  • (runner) someone who travels on foot by running

runners reading strategy

One Dozen Timeless Ways to be Happy!

One Dozen Timeless Ways to be Happy!
*One Dozen Timeless Ways to be Happy! *

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Our passions, expectations, life experiences, and even our personalities all
contribute to the level of happiness we experience in our lives. Some find
happiness in their careers while others find ways to be happy in their
marriages or other relationships

No matter how you define happiness for yourself, there are certain universal
and time-proven strategies to bring, and sustain, more happiness into your
life. The following one dozen timeless ways to be happy can be adapted and
even customized to fit your needs. Over time, these strategies will become
positiveand life-changing habits that will begin to bring more happiness,
joy and peace into your life.

Notice What’s Right

Some of us see the glass as being half-full and others see the glass as
half-empty. The next time you are caught in traffic, begin thinking how nice
it is to have a few moments to reflect on the day, focus on a problem you
have been trying to solve, or brainstorm on your next big idea. The next
time you get in the slow line at the grocery store, take the opportunity to
pick up a tabloid magazine and do some œguilty pleasure� reading. Take
all that life throws out you and reframe it with what’s right about the
situation. At the end of the day, you will more content, at peace and happy.
Take the time to begin to notice what’s right and see theworld change in
front of your eyes.

Be Grateful

How many times do you say the words œthank you,� in a day? How many times
do you hear these same words? If you are doingthe first thing, saying the
œthank yous,� the latter will naturally happen. Learn to be grateful and
you will be open to receive an abundance of joy and

Remember the Kid You Were

Do you remember how to play? I’m not referring to playing a round of golf or
a set of tennis. I’m talking about playing like you did when you were a
child a game of tag; leap frog, or street baseball when thebat is a broken
broom handle and the bases are the parked cars. One way to find or maintain
your happiness is to remember the kid you were and play!

Be Kind

There is no question that by merely watching acts of kindness creates a
significant elevation in our moods and increases the desire for us to
perform good deeds as well. Kindness is indeed contagious and when we make a
commitment to be kind to ourselves and to others we can experience new
heights of joy, happiness and enthusiasm for our lives.

Spend Time with Your Friends

Although an abundant social and romantic life does not itself guarantee joy,
it does have a huge impact on our happiness. Learn to spend time with your
friends and make the friendships a priority in your life.

Savor Every Moment

To be in the moment is to live in the moment. Too often we are thinking
ahead or looking ahead to the next event or circumstance in our lives, not
appreciating the œhere and now.� When we savor every moment, we are
savoring the happiness in our lives.


There are times when we need the time to unwind, decompress, or to put it
simply, just Å“to chill.Life comes at all of us hard and fast. Time, as do
the days on the calendar, keeps going forward at its own natural pace, which
is not always the pace we would choose. Fatigue, stress and exhaustion may
begin to settle in on us faster than we may think, or notice. The best
remedy for this is indeed rest.


The expression a Å“runner’s high� does not infer an addiction, but a
feeling or a state of mind – a state of euphoria. There is no question
exercise, or any physical exertion, elevates your mood and enhances a more
positive attitude as well as fosters better personal self-esteem and
confidence. Indeed, one way to increase your happiness is to

Put on a Happy Face

Sometimes we have tofake it until we make it. I’m not suggesting that we not
be honest, real or authentic, but I’m suggesting, sometimes, we just need to
put on a happy face and keep moving forward. Researchers claim that smiling
and looking like we are happy will indeed make us happier. Studies further
show that if we act like we are happy then we can experience greater joy and
happiness in our lives.

Pursue Your Goals

The absence of goals in our lives, or more specifically avoiding to pursue
our goals, makes us feel like we are stuck and ineffective. The pursuit of
goals in our personal lives, in our relationships, or with our careers, is
the difference between having a mediocre life or a life full of passion and
enthusiasm. Pursue your goals and watch your happiness

Finding Your Calling

Some find meaning in religion or spirituality while others find purpose in
their work or relationships. Finding your calling may be much more than
accomplishing one simple strategy for increasing your happiness, but having
a sense of purpose of feeling like you are here for a reason can perhaps
bring th

Steve Prefontaine, Marshfield High School senior, fastest American prep mile race of the year, Coos Bay, OR, May 9, 1969. UPI telephoto

Steve Prefontaine, Marshfield High School senior, fastest American prep mile race of the year, Coos Bay, OR, May 9, 1969. UPI telephoto
Steve Prefontaine, 13, Marshfield High School senior, at the finish tape of Prep race at Marshfield High School’s all-weather Pirate Stadium, Coos County meet, Coos Bay, Oregon, May 9, 1969. Pre set the fastest prep mile of the year in 4:06.9, setting a new Oregon record. His 4:11.1 mile set April 5, 1969 at Grants Pass OR, was the nation’s fastest of the year until this run. Nine high American school runners had gone faster.

The UPI Telephoto photo caption reads: "5/10/69 [the date the wirephoto was released]-COOS BAY, ORE: BEST PREP MILE OF THE YEAR: Prefontaine of Marshfield High School crosses finish line at the end of the 4:06.9 mile 5/9. The time is a new Oregon record and the best prep mile of the year. Nine high school runners have gone faster. UPI TELEPHOTO mc.str"

In a comment below, piratecoach71 states that this is probably a photo of a different 1969 MHS meet than the county meet. He has been helpful in correcting other errors. Press services would sometimes use file photos, but they were usually labeled as such. This one was not so labeled. Anyone else have an input?

Pre ran quarters of 60, 62, 62, and 62.9. "I wanted to run as close to four minutes as I could," said the 5-91/2, 145-pound senior destined for the University of Oregon next season. "On the third lap I could tell I wasn’t going to make it," Pre said matter-of-factly. "And on the second lap I could feel my arms tie up."

Walt McClure, the Marshfield track coach, explained the race strategy: "We really didn’t know what he could run. We figured to run the first lap in 61, then come back with a 60 and see what he could do from there."

"It could well have been an effect of the earlier success," said McClure, referring to the 8:41.5 two-mile run only two weeks prior. Pre had pointed toward the two-mile record for over a year, while the mile try was not decided until two weeks prior.

"He’s getting into speed when he runs the mile," said McClure. "He’s no cripple, but his long suit is strength. No, he’s not a four-minute miler yet, but he will be."

"I’m not satisfied tonight," said Prefontaine. "But I’m not satisfied with the two-mile either."

"What I want is to be No. 1," said Steve, holding his index finger aloft.

Info above adapted from Eugene Register-Guard article by Neil Cawood, May 10, 1969.

Race results:
1. Pre, Marshfield HS, 4:06.9 State record (betters own state record of 4:11.1,1969)
2. Bill Parrott, North Bend HS, 4:38.0
3. Dan Grove, Myrtle Point HS, 4:38.5
4. Dennis Zeller, Marshfield HS, 4:47.8
5. Reed Kinney, Marshfield HS, 4:49.6

Overall, for all track and field events, Marshfield HS placed first in team standings with 134 total points, Bandon 2nd 39, Myrtle Point 3rd 36, North Bend 33, Coquille 4th 10.